Blatter’s 90 – Days Provisional Suspension from FIFA Is Still Under Consideration

Accused by doing certain crime against the law and ethic of FIFA, Sepp Blatter is now being issued as having 90 – days provisional suspension from his current position as FIFA’s President. Regarding to the latest news that FIFA’s ethics committee had arranged a meeting this week after the criminal case proceeding to EUFA President Michel Platini when he posted as Sepp Blatter’s technical advisor from 1992 till 2002. Blatter is accused by the crime of delaying Platini’s payment up to 1.35 million pounds. Clik here for agen judi bola information.

Michel Platini who will run for the next FIFA’s President position is quite calm to face the case against Blatter in disciplinary ethics since he stated himself as he will run for the presidency of FIFA and put more attention on that, but he is well prepared for any information needed by the FIFA’s authorities investigation.

As this haven’t get enough to beat Blatter’s reputation, he has had criminal proceeding opens against the Swiss attorney general over the case of selling the World Cup TV rights to former FIFA’s Vice President Jack Warner for unimaginable price which was 20 times lower than its actual value.

Sepp Blatter, by the suggestion of investigatory arms, is now under the 90 – days provisional suspension to give more time for FIFA’s ethics committee to run the further pending investigation regarding to this case. Klaus Stohlker, a legal advisor of Sepp Blatter, stated that FIFA’s ethics committee also runs the same investigation over the Swiss attorney general and until now there is no single proof that shows negative impact to Blatter. Stohlker and his team also added that their client’s provisional suspension is actually still under consideration and no such a certain proof so far showing that their client broke any disciplinary rule of FIFA, as he stated, There is no suspension active. President Blatter was told he could be suspended for 90 days,.

It is quite confusing while FIFA’s ethics committee already declared 90 – days provisional suspension but Blatter’s lawyers and advisors are still denying the suspension over their clients. Blatter’s lawyer stated that they just react over the action which is taken by FIFA’s ethics committee about the suspension, but it doesn’t mean that their client is under the 90 – days provisional suspension after disciplinary case of delayed payment and selling the World Cup TV rights under actual price.

The corruption case has been flooding into media since the appointment of Russia and Qatar as the host of World Cup 2018 and 2022. Fourteen of FIFA board of chairmen are arrested and investigated by now under that FIFA’s ethic committee, but Sepp Blatter claims that what he did so far is to “protect” FIFA. He has no doubt of fear about the investigation and suspension. As he said, “I will prove myself and I am strong enough”. He added as follows, “I know what I am doing and what I am not. I am clean. And I am not worried.” This means, there is nothing to worry about this condition for the circumtances.

Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter Is So Determined To Regain His Killer Instinct at British Masters

One of the most famous golf players, Ian Poulter, seems to get on fire again when he is competing at the British Masters. He is really determined to regain his killer instinct this week in order to end his winless run at the tournament. At this time, he just wants to do the best and make sure that he can lift a trophy, which is something that he did not do in the last three years.

“I need to get the old me back and be a bit more ruthless and have that killer instinct,” he said.

As the golfer becomes the host of the tournament, it is actually a great opportunity for the local boy to show the people the best thing he has got. Besides, the venue of the tournament is the same venue where he became the runner up of the same British Masters in 2002. Even though he had to finish the tournament on the second spot after a thrilling final duel against his own close friend, Justin Rose, there are no greater things than winning a tournament in his own country.

“I am very proud to be the host at the place which means so much to me. And it is very important I do well. You know, when Justin (Rose) edged me out here in this event in 2002. I can remember every shot,” he stated.

Moreover, this 39 year old man also has the other great motivation which is his mother, Theresa Poulter. Mrs. Poulter had been diagnosed to suffer from aneurism that made her hospitalized for about three weeks. Fortunately, she has got home already in Tuesday night. This particular fact can make this British golfer sure that his mother can watch him play well to be able to win the major tournament and lift the trophy in the end of it. It is because now he can go out and get himself focused on what he has to do.

“The one big spark for me is that my mom comes out of hospital. So, things have got a lot better and better, so I can go out there and concentrate on my job on the course. She probably won’t coming along unless I coming up the last in the lead on Sunday. That would be nice. A real motivation,”

In addition, he cannot deny that the niggling injuries that he suffered for the last two years and getting older have influenced her performance so significantly. Then, even when he will turn 40 in January, he seems to prefer having a major hope about his job still instead of giving up the fight to reach his first major title.

“Obviously, the older you get, the more difficult it is going to be to stay in shape, so I have to continuing to work hard at that,” said Poulter. “We have seen major champions in their forties, although not very many and you saw Tom Watson almost win the Open at 59. There is hope out there,” he added.

bob bradley

Sunderland have not approached Bob Bradley, say Norwegian club Stabaek

Whenever the season reaches an end, many teams are not only looking for new players to fill the team, they are also looking for the new coach. Some of them are looking for the professional coaches, and others are taking a chance to bring new coach with great potential to be successfully leads the team in the competition. To reach an agreement, both sides will have a talk. It’s actually the same as the team asked for a player to join the team. Usually, the staff of the team will be the one that asked the coach about joining the team. That kind of things was usually done in private. But, the reporters usually know about that and spread the news. That’s why we can update the news about the exchange player so quickly. We can even know the candidate for the new coach before the coach itself knows about the matter.

And it’s just like the recent news about Sunderland that approached Bob Bradley. The recent news came out and got various responds from many people. But something was not right from the news. There is no specific information about the representative that asked or approached Bob Bradley as well as there is no further information about Bradley’s respond to the approach. The Sky Sports News HQ asked Norwegian straightly about the rumor of Sunderland approaching Bob Bradley. Unexpectedly, the Norwegian side said that Sunderland have not approached Bob Bradley. They tell Sky Sports News HQ that the representative from Sunderland has not contacted Stabaek, Bradley’s manager. It means that that rumor is not true.

The source understand Sam Alardyce said that Sunderland has been looking for the new boss in four years and it seems like the management is quite strict about the new coach that will lead the team. It seems like the management wants the professional coach only for join the team. Specifically, they want to fill the team with the experienced player in Premier League. And it seems like they have an eye for Bob Bradley. Some of the newspapers reported that Sunderland wants Bradley so badly so it’s kind of confusing when the truth saying the rumor is not true.

The Sky Sports News HQ then asked the Stabaek for the confirmation about this issue. And the answer is similar with the answer from Norwegian said. The spokesperson of Stabaek said that they haven’t received any approach from Sunderland regarding about this issue. They already asked Bradley about this matter too and Bradley said that he hasn’t received any personal approach from Sunderland. The Norwegian side said that all the recent news about Sunderland approaching Bradley for the coach position is purely speculation from some people. Keith Downie, Sky Sport’s reporter, reporting from Stadium Light. She said that Sunderland still unclear about the candidate that will take over Dick Advocaat’s position in the team. She said that Sunderland need to be clear about their decision before the game against West Brom in the Next Premier League. But at the same time, in order get the right person, they can’t make a rush decision. We’re hoping the best for Sunderland.

ryan giggs

Ryan Giggs meets Sam Tomkins ahead of Grand Final

The grand final winner of Super League, Sam Tomkins, met Ryan Giggs. Both of them meet for certain reason. They want to discuss about the amazing performance that Warriors did. Warriors get three consequences successive at Old Trafford. We already knew that Ryan Giggs was great role for Wigan Warriors when they win in Super League Grand Final. That’s why Sam Tomkins wants to meet Ryan Giggs to ask him favor about the next season. Sam Tomkins will come back to play for Whites and Cherry in the next season after the upcoming NRL on Saturday. He wants Giggs to watching him during the last game of him with the team. Tomkins thinks that it’s the best for him to evaluate his last performance with the team and cherish the memory of it.

But, that’s not an easy thing to do. This weekend, Giggs will not stay at Old Trafford. Giggs said that he got days off for this weekend so he decided to come back home and spend his free time with his family. Giggs explained that it’s so hard to get days off so once he got the days off, he wants to use it well for his family. But, Giggs said that he did wants to see the game since he’s a fan of Wigan. He said that the game will be so intense and interesting, and Giggs will root on Wigan. He’ll support Wigan and he expects great performance for both Wigan and Leeds. Gigs continue by saying that in his opinion, Wigan and Leeds are best teams across this season.

Giggs share a story behind his love for Rugby. He said that the first time he comes to love rugby is when he’s watching his father playing rugby as regular player for Swinton when Giggs is still a kid. Because his dad is a professional player, Giggs and his family need to move from Cardiff to Swinton for supporting his dad that playing as a rugby league player I Swinton. Start from that, Giggs shows his interest in ball and when he’s eight years old, he began to play football as a regular activity. And that’s the period when he’s really into football. He said that once you get the rugby league in your life, you can’t get away from it.

In around 1982 or 1983, his father brought him to Great Britain v Australia. He remembered that time; the place was at Central Park. He can see right away that Wigan is really great since 1980’s and even though Giggs is Swinton fan, he admit that Wigan did really great performance and he began to love Wigan. That’s the story of Giggs who love Wigan from long time ago. As for the upcoming game on Saturday, Giggs said that the game will be tight and too close to call. He keeps his support for Wigan and hope that Wigan can win the game. But still, he thinks that it’s too hard to predict wince both teams are amazing and they always doing their best. He thinks that the game will be very close and there’ll be nit much different points in the final game.

carlo ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti Enjoying Living as Normal Person; Mourinho Stays in Chelsea

Carlo Ancelotti seeing the major possibility that Chelsea will keep its manager, Jose Mourinho untul at least the next season. Ancelotti who was approached to take a seat and replace Brendan Rodgers in Liverpool seems to leave the game and let Jurgen Klopp and his coaching team to take the shot for Liverpool.

Being asked to take over Stanford Bridge by Italian media, Ancelotti said that ourinho will stay on his job with Chelsea and it seems like Chelsea doesn’t want any change in short time anyway. Moreover Ancelotti claimed he enjoys living as normal person indicate clearly that he will remains in his free duty time till at least end of next season.

Carlo Ancelotti is well known to led Chelsea to a Premier League and FA Cup double in 2010 before being sacked in 2011, also turned down a return to AC Milan in the summer. After that he still make a new shots by leading Juventus but taking Real Madrid the next season was quite disappointing for Ancelotti as they were losing game for the Champion League 2014. As he stated that, Real is very consuming., and if it is possible then came back to AC Milan will be better option, he said.

As he added how he loves to live normal now after his cervical stenosis operation, he would love to enjoy some time, at least one year off the work, and rediscovering the pleasure of being normal person without pressure.

Even though, Carlo Ancelotti still promise that he will come back to club. Not in short period but is he will come back, it would be to coach a club.

Ancelotti was fired by Madrid after a season without title. At a media conference Pérez said it had been a very difficult decision because Ancelotti built his professional work with Real Madrid, not only the players but also the fan and management board, it was very complicated to simply change the coach and in other hand staying one year without title.

Above all, a season without a title is normally unacceptable at Madrid. Pérez said it was time for the club to move on and achieve a new standard that enable Madrid to win a new titles by the next season and achieve maximum competitive level.

Pérez said it would be a very good thing if the new coach could speak Spanish but declined to comment about potential replacements. Coach Benítez from Napoli, a former youth coach at Real Madrid, is reported to be among the candidates to take a seat for the next Ancelotti’s successor.

After the statement from Pérez, public starts to wonder who will be the next successor of Carlo Ancelotti and bring back the pride for Real Madrid. Some name has been mentioned but still no official candidate has been contacted so far.

Chelsea leader, Jose Mourinho is one of four candidates Real Madrid had approached to potentially replace current – nearly retired – boss Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti’s future looks to be depends on further confirmation of Barcelona’s Liga which will be on Sunday.

Will Mourinho leave Chelsea and proceed to Madrid?


How Mercedes Should Improve to Pour Champagne in Sochi Next Week?

Racing is one of the sports which got lots of fans around the world. This makes the competition and the grand prix will be really good to see. F1 is one of the most adored sports in the world with lots of fans and the competitive teams. There are so many car manufacturers get their hands on this competition, making sure that the F1 champion will be addressed towards their teams.

Winning the last lap in Singapore might be the big hint for Mercedes to win over Ferarri, Suzuki, and Mazda in Sochi this weekend. But it doesn’t seem so easy for Mercedes. There are actually some considerations taken if Mercedes would like to win Sochi.

First is the machine. Sochi’s sneaky road is none of the similar to Singapore’s road, where Mercedes’ W06 was kicking off Suzuka and Mazda. The engine should be ready to run fast in a very short tempo to accelerate with the different type of road on the race. Mercedes seems to have big possibility to change its engine to the new improved ones.

Second is the surface of the road. The super soft tyres of Mercedes on which they beat Singapore asphalt will highly possible won’t survive for Sochi. After winning on the medium and hard tyre compounds in Japan, the bad news for Mercedes is that the soft and supersoft tyres upon which they floundered in Singapore have been selected to return this weekend. And Mercedes are worried.

This fear totally makes sense since that surface of the road in Sochi is twisty and slippery if compare to Singapore. The supersoft tyre will easily slip on the track and cause damages for Mercedes, and might be, avoid them from pouring Champagne on the first podium. Moreover the engine should be designed to accelerate in a very short tempo and come up with high speed in least than 5 second, if possible. So the speed won’t slow down after the turning over.

Even though Mercedes is well aware that year by year it still lost title in GP and losing more than 80 million pounds per year, but it doesn’t seem to stop them from keep inventing, improving, and surely, joining the RedBull, Ferarri, and others. This maybe because of the annual grant from Mercedes is 200 million per year for first place podium. So compare 80 million lost and 200 million prize of winning the game make sense that Mercedes is keen to move forward and win in Sochi.

The most bothering thing is that Mercedes still needs more improvement and location acknowledgement to become the consideration of engine and tyres decision. One single mistake of picking up type of engine and tyre might cause a damage. The problem of tyre will highly possible ends up Mercedes in last standing team in Sochi. Moreover Sochi’s route is typical Russian construction which can be very different from other race construction in other part of the world. Will Mercedes success to pour it’s champagne on first podium? We’ll see!


Rooney Seems To Be Doubt for 2016 Euro Qualifier against Estonia

The captain of the England’s football team, Wayne Rooney, seems to be doubt for the team when England will have a match against Estonia as the part of 2016 Euro Qualifier stage. He had to miss the second successive training session because of an ankle injury that he got in Manchester United’s 3-0 loss to Arsenal on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

He is reportedly sat out the training when all of the squad of 25 players met on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Then, he did not come to the latest training session at the St. George’s Park in the next day morning. Well, it is actually understandable if Rooney could not join the squad at the moment, because he seems to need to be more in touch with the manager of Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal, related to this particular matter.

Actually, the manager of England’s football team, Roy Hodgson, has already had some options to replace Rooney when he has to miss the match. There will be Harry Kane, Theo Walcott, and Jamie Vardy that can be placed on the front line of the Three Lions’ formation against Estonia. So, Hodgson will never have a serious problem in his team when Rooney is absent. Well, afterward, Danny Ings and Jonjo Shelvey -who joined the squad of England for the first match-, can also be great options for the manager. Unfortunately, they have been reportedly to be absent for the match on Friday as well. It is because both of them are suffering from injury now, so that they sat out during the training session of the team that was held on Wednesday.

Furthermore, even though Rooney can be a major doubt for the match of the 2016 Euro qualifier, but he will be with the squad this week still. The staff will keep noticing the development of the recovery of his injury in order to know whether he is ready or not for travelling to Lithuania for the final match of the qualifier stage that will be held on Monday.

However, this 29 year old football player is so expected to keep attending the match against Estonia on Friday, which will be held at the Wembley Stadium. Although he will not join the squad for the match, but he can still accept his commemorative golden boot award because he can break the scoring record of Sir Bobby Charlton.

Even, the Football Association (FA) will also be celebrating the special achievement of this Manchester United’s forward. It is proven when the FA has revealed a mural of the striker that will be showed in one of the concourses at the Wembley Stadium before the match is underway. Besides, it will be more fantastic because the fans of England will take a part on the celebration. They will make a 20 meter squared flag with the picture of Rooney on it, which the background of the picture will be made up of the various tweets sent by the fans. Then, this flag will be passed over the spectators at the stadium.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Hints That He Is Ready For Retirement

The famous Philippines boxer, Manny Pacquiao, has given a clue about his retirement from the sport. In an interview with the local ABS-CBN television network on Wednesday, he said that he is ready to hang up his gloves after he spent more than 20 years in sport. Then, it was the strongest hint he ever told to the media that he will not continue his impressive career in sport after one last fight next year. Moreover, he said that he has taken the advice about his boxing career from God.

“I think I’m ready (for the retirement). I’ve been in boxing for more than 20 years,” Pacquiao said in the interview.

“I prayed to God for guidance and I am happy about it.”

Actually, many believe that the 36 year old boxer, who has won eight different world champions titles from the different weight classes, decided to get retired because he wants to pursue his desire of becoming the future president of the Philippines just as he always touts this time. Then, this particular thing has been proven when there was the announcement which stated that this week is the time for the bid for a senate seat in the national elections which will be held in May 2016. So, he thinks that it will be better if he leaves several things behind and becomes a serious senator.

“I will have to give up the other things that require my attention. If you are a senator, your focus should only be your job and your family,” he stated in the interview.

Then, lately, he was criticized on the social media for his absence in the legislative sessions where he only attended four of the total 70 this year because of to his sporting and other commitments. So then, he is probably really determined to fix his commitment in becoming a senator.

“I will not be absent because the whole country would be my responsibility,” he said

Furthermore, even though he seems to set the retirement from the boxing already, but he still really wants to climb the ring and have one more fight before he really quits boxing professionally for the national elections. Nevertheless, he did not give any clue about who he wants to challenge for the last fight. This particular fact makes the people wonder whether he will do the rematch against the American unbeatable boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. or not.

As all the people have already known that in May 2015, “The Pac Man” lost the unanimous decision to Jr. in a very long awaited and the richest boxing bout has ever been held for the two great fighters. At the time, he actually fought with a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder which made him show the best thing that he has got. So, that is the main reason why there are so many people who are still really hoping that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will see each other again in a rematch.

jurgen klopp

Liverpool Predicts Jurgen Klopp to Take The Seat and Bring Along His Old Mates

Liverpool has considered Jurgen Klopp as the perfect replacement for Rodgers after Chelsea’s nearly sank coach, Carlo Ancelotti made a public statement that he is not coaching any team for at least the next season. Then public turns attention ot Klopp as he is the one who is issued to be approached by management board of Liverpool recently.

Three days ago Jurgen Klopp were smiling while being asked about the final decision of taking seat on Liverpool’s management board. He claimed that there is nothing to say in both sides, not Liverpool nor the final decision of taking the seat. But voices say that it is big possibility that Klopp will finally that the chance and go for Liverpool.

Another expectation is about the coaching mates of Klopp, Zeljko Buvak. Buvak is well acknowledge as main thinker of every coaching clinic while both were in Mainz in 2001. Buvak also known due to his tactical knowledge and Klopp has described him as a “master of every form of training”. With this ability Klopp and Buvac can create a very nice game for Liverpool. Klopp will be in charge of managing team and Buvak will be in charge of coaching and preparing tactics for every game that will be held afterwards.

There is also a possibility that Jurgen Klopp will bring along his former Borussia Dortmund coaches to Liverpool. Peter Krawietz, Klopp’s old friend who stays in backseat of playing professionally for long time, is known as specialist in football video analysis. The trio of Jurgen Klopp, Zeljko Buvak, and Peter Krawietz will be big additional of Liverpool think tank and management board and the brain of all game afterwards. Peter Krawietz has a high chance to add the winning point of Liverpool by analyzing the rival’s move by video and taking it as an input for the next game, collaborating with Buvak in creating tactics

Klopp, Buvak, and Krawietz are undeniably strong team mates with high performance in managing skill an coaching. Despite of that possibility and prediction, Jurgen Klopp haven’t release any formal statement about the possibility for him and his coaching mater whether he will take chance from Liverpool and ready to train the Reds.

After the tie game with Everton last Sunday where Liverpool came up with 1-1 the team cannot wait no longer to appoint the successor of Rodgers to move right away and pursue more winning point in the field before it’s too late and team lose their spirit.

Jurgen Klopp is currently in the process of finishing his contract with Borussia Dortmund by the end of season and chilling a little while with desire to manage in England. It seems perfect that Liverpool offers him exactly the place where he is going, plus the possibility of taking his two other coach – mates, Buvak and Krawietz.

Some of Klopp’s track record was achieving first podium at the German top division. What was on 2011 and 2012, then he is also took the club to Champion League in 2013 where they finish the final season but ended up on seventh position.

theo walcott

Theo Walcott Is Taking Place of Wayne Rooney in Euro Qualification 2016

Will Theo Walcott replace Wayne Rooney? That question has been around the football lover recently after seeing Rooney failed to fast recover after the injury last week. Theo Walcott seems to be super interested to take a place and see himself leads England to beat Estonia and Lithuania within a week from now.

Being uncertain to get back to field after his ankle injury, Wayne Rooney seems to be replaced by the bright Arsenal player, Theo Walcott. Arsenal striker, Theo Walcott is reported to be very desperate and eager to take Rooney’s position to lead England in Euro Qualification 2016 facing Estonia, and Lithuania as follows.

Walcott is expecting Manchester United striker is still under recovery after injury he got in the match between Manchester United an Arsenal in the eight weeks, just a week ago. Walcott seems a little bit too pumped up for replacing Rooney’s position as he will see himself leading England to “beats” Estonia. The new right wing – striker transferred player, Theo Walcott claimed, Playing for England is what I want to do, and that is what I want the most.

Arsenal forward Walcott, 26, has commonly used on the right wing by England manager Roy Hodgson. Walcott stated that everyone would love to see him up front and that playing for England is what he wants to do.

Wayne Rooney has always lead England to gain victory in most of its game, both home and away. By the 5th of September, England made sure everything is smooth for the finals in France after a 6-0 victory in San Marino. More than that, England’s record scorer, Rooney reached 50 goals for England with victory penalty over Switzerland, strike 2 – 0. Walcott thinks that Rooney, who seems a little too eager to replace Manchester United’s striker claimed that Rooney can move into a midfield role as by the age reason. Rooney is approaching 30 this year. Walcott said England would need someone in midfield as he supports his own statement about transferring Rooney to midfield in order to gets Rooney’s lead in England team.

Walcott is targeting an at least 10 wins for England in the qualifying match. England is claimed to be the only European team who record their won perfectly 100% and will lead to the next winner tournament in France. By winning first eith weeks match continuously, Engalnd has save its place in the high top scorer and make sure its position in France tournament. Now England is preparing twomore qualification match to see Estonia on Friday and then facing Lithuania on Monday.

Walcott is known also that he wants to proof to manager Roy Hodgson that he is way better player than Dele Alli from Tottenham, who were firstly catch the attention of Hodgson to take a lead of England to the next match. Considering that Dele Alli is still very young, under 20 as confirmed, totally full perform, and bright player too. Dele Alli somehow became the competitor of Theo Walcott to be the front player of England.

Some voices are sounds to doubt the Walcott’s performance will even suffice the expectation compare to Rooney’s achievement on field, but others are thinking that Theo Walcott can exceed the expectation and brings victory to England in this game with Estonia. We’ll see by then!