Environmentally Safe Pest Control

The Importance of Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Indoor pest infestations are a constant and prevailing concern for homeowners. Typically, the depending on the type of insect or rodent that has invaded the home, the first course of action for most people is to set out traps or grab a spray can. Often, these methods are effective on their own, but many homeowners misjudge the environmental impact that these chemical methods can have. Whenever possible, it is desirable to use environmentally friendly pest control methods. Find out more how it works here: http://greenhomepest.com.

One very simple step homeowners can take to both treat and prevent infestations is to simply seal any holes or cracks, especially around doors and windows. For more troublesome pests, there are environmentally safe insecticides that may be used that can typically be purchased at your local home and garden store. Additionally, keeping your living spaces clean and free of debris will greatly assist in preventing pests from settling in.

However, on occasion there are times when the infestation is too much for the homeowner to handle, and must turn to a professional pest removal service. It is important to research the companies being considered very carefully, and choose one that makes a clearly stated effort to use less chemically toxic methods.

It’s not only the environment that benefits when less toxic materials are used; it is also much better for your health. It has been widely studied and reported certain pesticide chemicals can cause illness, including birth defects and reproductive harm, cancer, and neurological impact. Children, the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, and pets are especially sensitive to the adverse health effects of chemical pesticides.

So how does one go about finding a professional pest control company that uses green methods? Research! The first step is422152953_1afec26897_o to go online and search for terms such as “organic” “green” or “environmentally safe” pest control in your area. You can also check your local phone book for listings if you prefer. From there, you can choose from several providers, or even ask your friends or neighbors for recommendations. Feel free to inquire about the company’s methods, and how they plan to treat your specific problem. Specifically state you are looking for a company who uses non-chemical methods. In some cases, the infestation can only be handled by chemical methods. If that is the case, you may ask the company for a list of products that they would use. In most cases, a simple web search for product names will allow you to evaluate the environmental and health cost of using the product.

To get you started on your search for a green pest control company, you can consult with Green Shield. They are a national program that certifies companies who meet a certain set of standards in environmentally friendly control methods. Their website is www.greenshieldcertified.org.